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"I was always,'the curious one.'
For me, every object has two lives -quotidian and poetic.
I love to discover an object's secret poetry and set it free in art" 

I am a painter, a photographer, a mixed media artist, and a mad lover of travel. Ever since I was a child, I have been a seeker and collector of objects that can be reborn as art. I have discovered them in North Carolina "junk" shops, on the side of winding backroads across our country and off-the-beaten path villages in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. I live in a world where everything is a possibility for new art.

From leaves, feathers and bones, to antiques, seashells and ephemera, I transform my finds into art that breathes into them new life, new meaning, new perspective. My goal is to inspire others to look at found objects, environments, and cultures through a very different set of eyes.

My recent works include:

SoulScape Series: Landscape paintings that use a combination of ink and paint on a variety of surfaces. My mission with this series is to capture the essence of places that have awakened my soul.

Bound for Pleasure - heARTwork Journals, Art Books & Wearable Stories: Bound by hand, I create these visualizations using recycled books, found objects, original artwork, eco-printed fabrics, handprinted paper  and vintage ephemera. My hope with these journals is that they are used as an instrument for self-expressions, self-discovery, healing, fun and play. 

Kate Meth Photography: I capture images that speak to my heart and share them as a way of sharing pieces of myself. 

I recently moved my New York studio back to my roots in North Carolina to my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains and the beautiful town of Burnsville. 


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